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Traditional Japanese Archery


What is Kyudo?

Kyudo (弓道), with its distinctive asymmetrical longbow, is the Japanese martial art of archery.
It is about the Spirit as much as it is about the Body. Hitting the target is not the goal, rather the target is hit as a result of achieving self-perfection. 
It is an ancient spiritual practice that builds a deep connection between the mind and the archer. Kyudo embodies serenity and grace and is evident in the way the art is carried out and practiced.


Why Start Kyudo?

Kyudo is an excellent way to achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It helps to improve mind-body coordination, posture, balance, muscle tone and general physical fitness. Even more importantly, it gives you a sense of joy and a feeling of accomplishment. It shows you the way to mindfulness. Kyudo is one of the most prestigious and respected martial art forms in Japan and around the world, practiced by many as a method of physical, moral and spiritual development. 
It is an art that benefits the busy people of today by promoting a healthy mind, spirit and body.


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