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What can I expect from Kyudo?

Kyudo is a martial art that focuses on personal development. It is a path that is best taken slowly (even our shooting is slow) and practice over a long period of time. If you enjoy a quiet martial art that allows you to focus on improving yourself, Kyudo might be for you. Throughout your journey, there will be opportunities for you to meet like-minded people around the world and participate in international Kyudo events.

When is the training?

We train every Sunday morning, from 10am to 1pm!

Set up starts around 9.30am and oftentimes we have a social lunch after training.

Dates may vary occasionally due to the venue being booked or to accommodate for special events. To avoid dissapointment please check the training calendar for upcoming sessions and events.

If you are not a SKK member and want to visit us, it is imperative to contact us before your intended visit.

Where is the training and how do I get there?

We train in the stadium of the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE).

Please navigate to 180 George St, Redfern NSW 2016. You can also look up "Sydney Kyudo Kai" in Google Maps.

The stadium is in the building to the right behind tha cafe.

Google maps location

How much is it to train at SKK?

The annual membership is $95 which includes a membership to SKK, NSWKA (New South Wales Kyudo Association) and AKA (Australian Kyudo Association). The membership covers you for insurance purposes and gives you access to members-only events such as national seminars and tournaments.
Every training session you attend is $30, to cover the hiring cost of our training hall.

Are there any gender and age restrictions?

In general, there are no specific age and gender restrictions in modern Kyudo practice. However, kyudo requires good physical health in order to handle the bow and perform the required movements and postures such as Seiza and Kiza (traditional forms of Japanese formal sitting on the floor).

We currently only accept applicants over 16 years of age, with signed authorisation from a guardian if you are still underage.

If you have further questions or special needs, please contact us any time.

Can I just come and watch a session?

Yes. Please contact us so we can arrange a suitable date for a visit. Please note that you will only be able to observe but not able to participate in the training if you have no prior knowledge of Kyudo. No photos or videos maybe taken either to respect the privacy of our members.

I want to start Kyudo - What do I do?

If you have no prior experience of Kyudo, you are required to enroll in our beginner's course. Direct enrolment is currently not possible but please join the waitlist as described.

You are welcome to come and watch a session first, and make sure to contact us prior so we are aware of your visit.

The course is held 2-3 times a year and has limited places. It is designed to teach you the basics and give you a taste of Kyudo and you can decide after completion of the course whether you would like to continue with us.

If I do the course, will I be shooting straight away?

No. Kyudo is unlike other archery types and requires proper training of the required movements before you will be able to shoot.
As Kyudo is a potentially dangerous martial art and we will need to make sure you are not a danger to yourself and others before organising your first shot. Kyudo is a lifelong art and patience is required to progress.

I used to practise Kyudo - Do I have to join the beginner's course?

To operate in a safe environment with live arrows, please drop us a line for a discussion about your experience. If you have sufficient experience, you can join straight in our regular training sessions.
We may invite you to assess your abilities and make a decision on a case to case basis.

I don't have any equipment - can I still join?

Yes. We have club bows and arrows to get you started. Wear comfortable and loose clothing, as well as socks you don't mind dirtying.

We are able to help you make decisions on your equipment if you would like guidance later on.

Please do not buy any equipment until you have talked to us to avoid wasting money!!


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